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What other users are saying about ANNOVAR:

we have chosen ANNOVAR as our annotation tool for our NGS experiments as its performance is the best among the publicly available ones. its ability to provide such flexible and completely descriptive information about the variants we discover helps us to filter and prioritize them for further analysis.

Annovar is one of the few annotation programs to describe variants according to the standard HVGS nomenclature.

Love it, use it for NGS for reproductive endocrinology research

This is a state-of-art, very flexible and useful tool for annotating sequencing variants. The databases are updated frequently by the developer to reflect the most recent progress/changes in the field. We love it and incorporate it into our NGS pipeline for data releasing.

Great looking software - looking for an evaluation to see how this could be used in our SOLiD data interpretation

ANNOVAR is awesome! Really helps me in my analysis of NGS data

Annovar fills a huge gap in any NGS analysis pipeline. I didn't find any Tool even remotely comparable in ease of use and speed.

Softwares that perform genome annotations are rare, especially to perform genome annotations for Drosophila melanogaster. ANNOVAR seems to be a good tool that can be readily adapted to annotate the fly genome and versatile to integrate all publicly available data.

I have been using Annovar for ages to analyze NGS data and want the latest version because it is brilliant! Thanks to the developers and best wishes.

ANNOVAR has proved very helpful in obtaining customized annotations as compared to Seattle-seq which gives fixed annotations

Annovar is an excellent flexible tool for analyzing NGS data. Without it, I would not be able to analyze these data. Please continue with the development of this wonderful program!

ANNOVAR is some awesome! Sometimes I stay awake at night thinking about everything I COULD be annotating!

It is my impression that most researchers include annular in their variant discovery pipeline. PS! My e-mail address ends with .no

Have previously been using SVA program to annotate but am keen to try a program that is easily updatable.

I am looking for an annotation package for vcf formatted rat SNP files

I need ANNOVAR to annotate SNPs in human transcriptome.

SImple but great NGS annotation tool ever I used !

I am examining zebrafish RNA-seq data and the automated analysis of the effects of SNPS will be a huge help!

I'm using annovar for about a year now and i prefer it over all other SNP effect predictors due to its comprehensiveness and ease of use.

Hey Kai! I want to try annovar again cause I am frustrated with UCSC!

Annovar is the perfect solution for our SNP detection platform. Highly modular and easy to adapt.

I use annovar to annotate SNPs detected through RNAseq. I am updating to the current version.

ANNOVAR provides a great resource for straightforward annotation of variants from next-generation sequencing experiments, based on a variety uf up-to-date databases and is especially useful due to inclusion of 1000Genomes and ESP databases.

ANNOVAR is a great versatile tool and has quickly become one of the most widely used annotation platforms for NGS data.

ANNOVAR is a key component of our rare variant pipeline for ca. 100 NGS sequenced samples

Great tool to use for quick and comprehensive SNP annotation. Please continue to build upon and improve this resource.

I have been reccommended annovar by everyone as the most complete software to annotate SNP calls